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Ruthie Belle

Lash & Brow Lift Palette

Lash & Brow Lift Palette

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Our Lash & Brow Lift Palette is the ultimate tool for seamless and professional lash and brow lift treatments. Crafted from high-end, non-slip silicone, this reusable palette is a must-have for lash & brow artists alike.

Designed with precision in mind, our palette boasts a practical layout with dedicated compartments for every process step. Three specially sized holes cater to lifting, fixing, and nourishing lotion, ensuring a hassle-free application. Two additional openings accommodate lash and brow tint, while one is reserved for water and another for liquid adhesive.

For added convenience, two vertical brush holders and a horizontal ridge offer secure storage options, keeping your workspace organized and efficient. And when the treatment is complete, cleaning is a breeze.

Elevate your lash and brow lift game with our Lash & Brow Lift Palette – your trusted companion for flawless results.

The palette does not contain the brushes.

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