Flash Lift

Flash Lift is a new concept of lash and brow lift treatments.

Flash Lift combines liquids, tools, and skills to achieve stunning results in a Flash.

Please watch our Instagram LIVE, where Ruthie and our head trainer Marianna perform a whole (F)lash lift procedure.

Flash Lift products

Ruthie Belle is an industry leader in developing innovative and safe professional lash products.

We use high-end ingredients to create science-based formulations that are gentle, effective, and a joy to use.

Flash Balm 25g

Flash Balm is a new science-based lash lift glue that makes separating lashes 3 - 4 times faster. 

Our lab-tested formula boasts a unique balm consistency, allowing easy lash adjustment on silicone shields throughout the lash lift treatment.

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Silicone Shields 8 Pairs Set

These glue-free lash lift silicone shields speed up your treatments. They suit every eye shape and size, ensuring a precise fit for each customer.

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