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Ruthie Belle

Lash Lift Compensator 7 Pairs

Lash Lift Compensator 7 Pairs

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Ruthie Belle's reusable Lash Lift Compensators are the most helpful tool for lash lift artists. They're designed to keep your client's lashes securely in place during treatment.

Crafted from ultra-soft silicone, they offer exceptional comfort. With seven pairs in a box, each in a different color, you have plenty of options to suit your style. Compatible with any lash lift silicones, these compensators prevent lashes from detaching or popping off curlers, rods, or shields.

Thanks to their slight curve and very soft material, applying them is a breeze, ensuring a secure fit without any hassle. Once the lash lift lotions are in place, gently attach the compensators on top of the lashes by gently pressing them in place. Cleaning is easy, too – use warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and sterilize chemically. Then rinse it again and store it in a closed box.

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