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Ruthie Belle

Lami Brush

Lami Brush

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Lami Brush is the latest tool for separating lashes & adhering them to silicone shields during lash lift treatments. Its flat tip is covered with sturdy little bristles making it especially handy on inner corner lashes that are usually difficult to access.


- Lami brush is a new-school addition to lash separation devices after the y-tool and the lash lift tool.

- You can use the Lami brush for the entire lash line, but the small precise tip makes it incredibly convenient to use on inner corner lashes.

- Its synthetic bristles are soft on natural lashes & effective for isolation.

- Lami brush works with lash lift glue and Lami balm glue.


Use a Lami brush for isolating lashes during lash lift treatment. After using:

- Wash in warm soapy water
- Rinse
- Sterilise in liquid (avoid heat sterilization as the handle is wooden)
- Rinse again
- Store in a closed box

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