Volume Lashes Advanced course

1 day (up to 8 hours)

1 x or 2 x lunch

Cost in Ruthie Belle Tallinn salon:
€410 (includes VAT). Two days - €610 (includes VAT).

Student is responsible for finding their own model. If necessary, we will help you find her/him (fee €15)

Marianna Doherty

Estonian, English, Russian

To register for the training, please write to info@ruthiebelle.com

It is possible to pay for the training by bank transfer, card, bank link, cash and ESTO installments

Content of the training

Volume Lash Advance course is a comprehensive theoretical and practical training for those, who already have passed Basic Volume training.

This is a bespoke individual training that is concentrated on students needs. Students may choose from provided popular topics or they can request particular topics that they most require to learn.

This course starts with theoretical part followed by lunch break (lunch is included in the price; we will be asking students preference at the beginning of the training day) and continues with practical part.

Since the knowledge base of the students who come to further training is very different, the time it takes for trainer Marianna to convey new information is also different. Therefore, we recommend choosing the topics in order of priority, and on the training day it will become clear how many topics will be covered.

Topics, which to choose from:

Volume lash advanced course (for 1 day course choose 4-6 topics; for all topics course is 2 days):

  • Lash fan geometry
  • 3 different ways to create a fan
  • Eyelash analysis (how to choose the right volume, how to choose the right curl, how to decide when to use primers and boosters)
  • How to mix different curls horizontally and vertically (for example C with CC)
  • Basic mapping on the open eye (natural, Dolly, Cat eye, Kitty/Squirrel)
  • Chemistry (glue)
  • Different application techniques (wrapping, bottom,from the side or top)
  • Perfect line (How to achieve perfect Russian volume)
  • Eyelash application directions (90 degree angle, 45 degree angle, Sun look; how to work with difficult lashes)
  • Adaptive lashing (how to work with baby lashes)
  • Bottom lash application
  • Work ergonomics
  • Taping
  • New products on the market
  • How to achieve max retention

Trending effects (1 day):

  • KimK
  • Anime
  • Wet Look
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Hybrid Lashes

Bespoke eye design (1 day):

  • Mapping on closed eye
  • Mapping on open eye
  • How to work with eye asymmetry ((asymmetry by height of the eyes, asymmetry by length of the eyes, asymmetry in width of the eyes, asymmetry in eye setting, asymmetry in eyelash direction)

The practical part with the model lasts 2-4 hours, depending on which topics the student chooses: some topics are better explained by talking; showing others on the model.

NB! A complete eyelash application is not performed on the model - this is not the purpose of the training. The purpose of practice is to confirm new knowledge acquired in theory. We recommend communicating this to the model before the training day.

NB! The price of the training includes:

  • Constant future support from trainer Marianna
  • Adding a student to a private (English-language) Instagram group for 1 year, where Marianna and Ruth go live at least once a quarter on various topics about eyelash extensions, lash lift and eyebrow lamination. All the live shows that have taken place so far have been recorded and the student can also access them.
  • Discount on products purchased on the training day -20%
  • Discount on all Ruthie Belle products -10% within 1 year after the end of the training

To register for the training, please write to info@ruthiebelle.com