Lash Lift Level UP course

1 day (up to 8 hours)

Training, lunch

Cost in Ruthie Belle Tallinn salon:
€450 (includes VAT)

Student is responsible for providing their own model. If necessary, we will help you find it (fee 15€)

Marianna Doherty

Estonian, English, Russian

To register for the training, please write to

It is possible to pay for the training by bank transfer, card, bank link, cash and ESTO installments.

Content of the training

Lash Lift Level UP training is designed for experienced lash technicians who want to hone their existing technical skills and learn the latest concepts in the field. The trainings are individual and focus on the specific needs and wishes of the student.

The training starts with a theoretical part (about 2 hours). This training does not cover the basic knowledge of the lash lift (you should choose the Lash Lift Basic Training for this). We recommend that the student prepare the questions and topics he wants to hear more about during the training. We also recommend that the student choose the pictures that best characterize his work before the training, so that the trainer can see which parts of the maintenance need more attention. We also go through FAQ (frequently asked questions) and troubleshooting of student works.

NB! This is not a competition and the trainer does not evaluate the student, so please do not choose the best works, but really those that characterize his work the most!

Lunch (approx. 30-45 minutes). Lunch is included, at the beginning of the training day we ask the student's preferences.

Work with the model (approx. 3h):

  • How to photograph a model
  • How to analyze eyelashes
  • How to correct the difference between the eyes
  • Which silicones to choose
  • Placement of silicones to prevent mucosal exposure (flipped waterline).
  • Tips for quick separation of eyelashes
  • Using the right glue
  • Tips for achieving the perfect curve
  • Prevention of lash detachment from silicone and correction of errors
  • Cleaning the eyelashes
  • Topics/questions chosen by the student

Theory (approx. 2h):

  • We concentrate on topics the are important to the student to better understand the process
  • Social media marketing

During the training, you can ask the trainer(s) anything that is relevant and interesting. At the end of the training, the student receives a certificate.

NB! The price of the training includes:

  • Constant future support from trainer Marianna
  • Adding a student to a private (English-language) Instagram group for 1 year, where Marianna and Ruth go live at least once a quarter on various topics about eyelash extensions, lash lift and eyebrow lamination. All the live shows that have taken place so far have been recorded and the student can also access them
  • Discount on products purchased on the training day -20%
  • Discount on all Ruthie Belle products -10% within 1 year after the end of the training

To register for the training, please write to