Solving the Mystery: Why Lash Fans Close and How to Prevent It?

As a lash artist, you may have faced the frustration of lash fans closing prematurely. Understanding the reasons behind this issue and discovering effective prevention methods is crucial for delivering flawless lash extensions. 

This blog post will explore why lash fans close and introduce Glue Stop, a product designed to prevent fan closure and speed up adhesive curing time.

Why lash fans close?

Lash fans close due to capillary action, similar to how moisture climbs up fabric or paper when dipped into the water. 

In the case of lash adhesive, it crawls up between the extensions, causing the fan to close. Releasing the tweezers too early or using excessive adhesive can exacerbate this problem.

Introducing Glue Stop

To combat lash fans' closure, we launched Glue Stop. 

This innovative product accelerates adhesive curing time slightly and prevents the adhesive from traveling further, ensuring that your lash fans remain open and beautiful. 

Glue Stop is compatible with all lash adhesives, providing you with flexibility without compromising results.

How Does Glue Stop Work?

Glue Stop acts as a barrier, inhibiting the upward movement of the adhesive. 

Applying a small amount of Glue Stop to the base or the adhesive application area of the extensions while still on the glue strip ensures that the adhesive cures in the desired position, resulting in stable and open lash fans.


Closing lash fans can be a persistent challenge for lash artists, but with an understanding of the problem and the right tools, you can overcome it. 

Glue Stop offers a simple yet effective solution, preventing fan closure and speeding up adhesive curing time. Incorporate this innovative product into your lash extension routine to ensure a smooth workflow and avoid frustration. 

In addition, glue Stop is compatible with all lash adhesives!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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