Cysteamine-based lifting: the most gentle lash & brow lift solution

Written by: Ruthie Belle



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Cysteamine vs. ammonium thioglycolate

As a lash artist, you understand the importance of using safe and effective products to enhance your client's natural lashes and brows. In the realm of lash & brow lift, traditional methods often involve ammonium thioglycolate and its alternatives, alkaline salts that can potentially dehydrate and damage lashes and brows. However, there is a revolutionary alternative - cysteamine-based lifting lotions.

cysteamine vs ammonium thioglycolate

In this blog post, we'll explore why using cysteamine-based lifting solutions eliminates the worry of over-processing your customers' natural lashes or brows.

Understanding the difference

Before diving into the benefits of cysteamine-based lifting lotions, it's essential to clarify the distinction between different types of products on the market. While some products claim to contain cysteamine, it's crucial to note that a real cysteamine-based lifting lotion DOES NOT include any harsh chemicals like ammonium or ethanolamine in its composition. 

Many companies are now trying to hop on the cysteamine trend but want to keep their product development costs down simultaneously. Creating a proper cysteamine-based lifting lotion (meaning that it’s free from both TGA and ethanolamine) means completely reformulating existing lifting lotions or starting from scratch with a new formula. This takes a lot of time and money. So, these companies are instead simply replacing one of the harsh ingredients (usually TGA) with cysteamine while keeping the rest of the formula (including ethanolamine) pretty much the same as before.

Replacing TGA with cysteamine does make the products less harsh, but does it mean that the product is now cysteamine-based and has all of the benefits of cysteamine? Of course, it does not because ethanolamine still has the same properties.

Products like this should be advertised as “with added cysteamine,” an “upgraded version,” or a “gentler” version of their old formula or something along those lines. They absolutely should not be advertised as cysteamine-based. This purposely confuses customers into thinking that ethanolamine is no longer responsible for softening the disulfide bridges, which is absolutely not true.

The process of softening disulfide bridges with TGA and ethanolamine is not stable. The longer you process lashes with them, the faster they start working on the disulfide bridges. This is why there is a high risk of over-processing lashes with them.

We can advertise our cysteamine-based system that started this new trend, like it prevents lashes from over-processing because the chemical process of softening di-sulfide bridges is gentle, controlled, and stable.

cysteamine lash lift

The nourishing power of cysteamine lash lift


Unlike traditional lifting lotions that may cause damage and dehydration due to their alkaline salt content, cysteamine-based lifting lotions offer a gentle and nourishing approach.

These lotions not only pamper regular lashes or brows but also restore the structure of damaged and over-processed ones. By working with cysteamine-based solutions following how they are intended to be used, you can confidently avoid over-processing your customers' lashes and effectively rescue lashes or brows that harsh lifting lotions have damaged.

The benefits of cysteamine lash lift solutions

  • Nourishment and Restoration: Cysteamine lash lift lotions have unique properties that help nourish and revitalize lashes. They work to restore the health and strength of natural lashes, promoting a soft, voluminous, and healthy appearance.
  • Gentle Formulation: Unlike TGA, ethanolamine, and other harsh chemicals in traditional lifting lotions, cysteamine-based solutions are formulated to be gentle on lashes and brows. This minimizes the risk of damage, over-processing, and dehydration, providing your clients a safer and more comfortable experience.
cysteamine lash lift

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  • Versatility and Compatibility: Cysteamine-based lifting lotions suit various lash types and conditions. Whether your client has naturally long lashes or brows that previous treatments have damaged, cysteamine-based solutions can enhance their appearance without compromising their health.
  • Peace of Mind: By using cysteamine-based lifting lotions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you offer your clients a premium and nourishing treatment. Your focus can shift from worrying about potential damage to providing a superior lash & brow lift experience.

The safety of cysteamine lash lift

As a lash artist, your clients rely on your expertise to achieve beautiful, healthy lashes. By incorporating cysteamine-based lifting lotions into your lash & brow lift treatments, you can eliminate the worry of over-processing and instead provide a nourishing and restorative experience. 

Embrace the benefits of this revolutionary solution, and witness the transformation of your client's lashes or brows while maintaining their natural beauty and health.

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